Membership Benefits


CANZBA membership will open the door to a range of business opportunities and information. 

As a member you can:

1.  Develop Business Opportunities

Special events, regular calendar events, and networking opportunities allow members to be informed as to the latest issues and trends relating to trade and business between New Zealand, Australia and Canada.

2.  Make Business Contacts

Meet others involved in trade between CANZBA member countries. Showcase or promote your company by sponsoring or hosting the regular meetings and special events. Our website provides a point of reference and information for the community.

3.  Stay Informed

Speaker luncheons, roundtable discussions and seminars present timely information on the issues concerning trade and business between Canada, Australia and New Zealand. CANZBA will also link you and your organisation to other relevant and important trade shows, conferences, workshops, seminars and people.

CANZBA relies on its members for financial support, through donations, membership fees and fees paid to attend events. CANZBA has a board of directors comprised of local business people, and operates through committees.

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